There is a Bike track out the front of Pelican Caravan Park that leads to Nambucca Plaza (3kms way).

Mountain Bike Track

LocationJacks Ridge Rd, which is a dirt road off Old Coast Rd, Nambucca Heads

The TrailA purpose built trail for racing we think, but with a host of features for those who just enjoy great riding.

The locals in Coffs Harbour told us to make sure we rode Jacks Ridge because it’s “Fast and Flowing”, and compared to their local Cows With Guns trail network, it certainly is. Apart from a couple of deviations, this is one single loop of around 10 k’s … but it’s so good you’ll want to do it twice.

Leaving the carpark area at the end of Jacks Ridge Rd, you can join the trail immediately and after a few hundred metres of windy bits and berms you hit the fast stuff. We clocked 50 kph on the series of downhills and climbs (which you just plain sail up with little effort) thoroughly enjoying the speedy nature of the trail.

After a few minutes of that you enter the section called Serpentine and things settle down into more winding and cool very cool trail features such as the huge log roll shown in the photos. There are B lines around all obstacles if you want but the A lines aren’t over the top and definitely XC orientated rather than full on freeride features. All the way back to the carpark we found the trail would speed up and throw you into wooden and dirt berms, over small drops, up little step ups like tree roots before popping you out on a fireroad for a few metres of rest before sending you back in for more.

Great work, well designed and a ton of fun!

mountain biking nambucca heads

Things to Do

Our Park features broad river frontage on the Nambucca River. We boast many features including a private boat ramp & jetty. The fishing is great.